A Hale And Hearty President Buhari Is Back, Will He Now Heal Nigeria?

By Juliana Uzoka


President Muhammadu Buhari is back in Nigeria after a prolonged medical vacation in the United Kingdom, which had triggered tension amidst resurgence of extremism in the Northern region of the country.


President Buhari who had left the country on May 7,  for an undisclosed treatment, arrived on Saturday at about 4 p.m local time via the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport, Abuja, and was greeted by well wishers and guard of honour.

The President was received by his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo, who stood in as Acting President of Nigeria, in his over 100 days away from office, and also other delegation comprising his party members, the All Progressives Council and members of the National Assembly, while others are the members of the Federal Executive Council and the Service Chiefs with some state governors.


Buhari is scheduled to make a national broadcast on Monday, at 7 a.m.


The heightened speculations surrounding his ill health had been quelled by the visits made by prominent Nigerians to the United Kingdom; the pictures taken were evidence that he was not incapacitated.


Some Nigerians had taken to the street calling for the president’s return or resignation, alluding that the economy was further dwindling while the country was also heading into a state of anarchy.

Watch video: Credit NAN

Top on the president’s broadcast might include addressing the demand by some Northern groups calling for the South Easterners to vacate the north. A development many analysts say is reminiscent of how the Rwandan genocide was triggered, and millions of people lost their lives and properties.


Also, Buhari would want to make inputs concerning the initiative by the ruling party, the APC, to commence action towards possible restructuring of the country to douse the tension emanating from calls for cessation and marginalisation.


How the president intends to address the myriad of unrest and ethno-religious intolerance among the regions, will be a clear indication that he had not only taken medical leave for himself but has also had time to reflect on how best to heal the deep wound in the hearts of Nigerians, caused by terrorism, Fulani herdsmen attacks and several other burning issues.




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