Gambia election winner Adama Barrow optimistic to be sworn in

By Marymagdalyn Francis

The President-elect in The Gambia says he is optimistic he will have a hitch-free swear-in, come January 19th, when the incumbent is expected to vacate his seat.

The winner of December’s elections, Adama Barrow, told BBC World Service that “he will be sworn in next week despite President Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to give up power.”

Barrow said: It will go ahead…I will be the president on the 19th.”

BBC  reported that Mr Barrow disclosed he has had direct talks with President Jammeh, quoting him as saying, he does not think it is in their country’s interest to engage external forces in trying to settle what could easily be resolved between them.

He said: “We solve our problems within ourselves without the intervention of anybody. I think that’s what we’d prefer.”

The property developer, who won 43.3% of the vote, while Jammeh scored 39.6%, said he was calling on Mr Jammeh to “respect the constitution” BBC reports.

President Jammeh’s lawyer had filed an injunction on Thursday to stop Mr Barrow’s wearing-in.

The president who came into power about 22 years ago, had initially accepted the elections results, but suddenly backtracked after the elections commission changed some results.

Although President Muhammadu Buhari is leading a delegation of other West African leaders to The Gambia, to persuade him to cede mantle of leadership o his successor; the Nigerian House of Representatives are willing to grant President Jammeh asylum, if he steps down.

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