Federal Government set to counter illegal broadcast, warns land speculators to steer clear of IRMS property

nigeria-coat-of-armsThe Federal Government has issued a riot act against unruly broadcast stations in the country, which portends national security through its involvement in divisive media contents.

Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, said in a statement that the government would restore all International Radio Monitoring Stations (IRMS) across the country, while warning land speculators to steer clear of IRMS property in various parts of the country.

“The IRMS facility at Ipaja, Lagos covering the South-West geo-political zone is one of such stations strategically located in various parts of the country as security surveillance to monitor radio broadcast activities, so as to guide against illegal use of the radio frequency airspace for unauthorized broadcast by proscribed groups, political and ethnic motivated dissidents,” he said.

The warning is coming on the heels of an ongoing court case which the establishment is embroiled in; suit No ID5764/14 between Oguntoyinbo Abiola, Falola and Illo families of Ipaja, Lagos  Vs the Hon. Minister of Lands and Hon. Minister of Communications.

Despite the litigation, the Ministry of Communications said it has adequately made provision for the refurbishment of the installations at the IRMS in the 2016 budget, and warned “against any illegal occupation and acquisition of any fraction of land on which these infrastructures are located.”

“Because of the strategic importance of these infrastructures, the general public is warned against purchase or acquisition of any part of the monitoring stations”.

The statement further discourages the public from purchasing or encroaching on the “title of the land on which the Ipaja IRMS is situated [and], is still under litigation and pending before a competent court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, thereby forestalling anybody, group or family from encroaching upon the land acquired by the Federal Government since 1971.”

It said the IRMS facilities are located in Azare, Gusau, Ipaja and Ogoja, to monitor broadcast activities across the country and its borders.

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