Doomsday prophetess in jail for proclaiming end time as converts sell off property awaiting the coming of Christ

By Isaac Garba, Plateau State

Du community in Jos-South Local Government  Area witnessed an unusual happening when a prophetess triggered a mass surge of the locals to her residence, proclaiming the world is coming to an end; requesting that they give up their earthly possessions and take refuge at her abode awaiting  Jesus‘ coming.

100_1029When BC NEWS on investigation visited the prayer house, it was gathered from people found in her house that the prophetess who lives with her husband and children in same building, has been proclaiming the gospel for about six years, and having  prayer sessions on a mountain top, was arrested when  police raided her ”safe haven” last week.100_1026

An eye witness who spoke to BC NEWS, Mr. Chuwang Stephen said: ‘’the prophetess announced to the people that there would be serious war and the that world will come to an end, so they should sell their belongings  and move to her house – the safest place to await the end of the world.”

Eye witness, Chuwang Stephen

Eye witness, Chuwang Stephen

He went further saying ‘’even my neighbour was among those that moved in to secure refuge and people from neighbouring villages too, from Forom community.’’

BC NEWS went to the B Division Police Station in Bukuru, were the prophetess was being held for questioning.

On further investigation, a gathering of women in a pensive mood sitting in front of the police station, confirmed to BC NEWS the arrest and that the prophetess was simply identified as Mama Josepine.

100_1039At the time of filing this report, the officers of the Crime Department at the station handling the case said, only the police DPO has the authority to talk on the issue – he was not available to grant an interview.

More to follow on this story.


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