Youths protest age limitation and non inclusion in governance and policy making

Isaac Garba, Plateau State

C.Y.P.A members

C.Y.P.A members

A Non-Governmental Organization, Centre for Youth Participation Dialogue and Advocacy Africa [C.Y.P.A] are seeking for full participation of youths within the 18 year voting  age limit  in governance, policy making and implementation.

At the launch of its new facility in Jos yesterday, the team leader  Chris Gains Iyama said that C.Y.P.A has constantly been engaged in interrogating the process that leads to credible and fair elections in the country and why youths  at that age could not contest elections and be voted for.

He went  further to explain that since 1999 till date ” we have  heard of several policies being  made pertaining youth issues without  the youth being involved or even allowed to express their own views about these policies”.

Mr. Iyama further added  that the organization’s main target is at  pushing towards amendments of the constitution on the age limits that  constrains youths from full participation in policy making, saying ”if the constitution allows me to vote at 18 why can’t I be voted for, this is injustice.”

C.Y,P.A members and participants at the event

C.Y,P.A members and participants at the event

The Chairman, Partners for Electoral Reforms, Mr. Ezenwa Nwagwu said: “there is no age limit in the constitution that stops anyone from being voted for as long as the person is competent, there is no natural or unnatural justification for it.”

He also said that “since the constitutional windows are open this is the right time to engage those windows to ensure an end to the limitations”.

The organization also advised the youths on the ills of political violence, saying that nothing positive can be achieved through violence, dialogue remains the absolute option.


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