NERC orders AEDC to pay N18m for death of minor, observes “rising incidences of electrocutions”


NERC Acting Chairman, Dr Anthony Akah

Photo credit: The Guarddian, NERC Acting Chairman, Dr Anthony Akah

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has sanctioned Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) over its technical negligence that killed a minor.

NERC said the seven year old minor that lived at Kabusa, Abuja died as a result of a snapped 0.415KV aluminium conductor that was dangling closely to the ground, until the deceased minor accidentally came in contact with it and got electrocuted.

The Commission requested through its Acting Chairman, Dr Anthony Akah and General Manager, Legal Licensing and Enforcement, Mrs Olufunke Dinneh, that AEDC pay N18 million compensation to the deceased family and N100, 000 payable to Rural Electrification Agency (REA), for failure to submit preliminary report of the incident within 72 hours, in line with the Health and Safety code of the sector.

The report said the Commission’s Accident Investigation Team that looked into the unfortunate incident discovered that AEDC failed in its responsibilities to respond to complaints by Kabusa residents over the facility.

In the statement, Head, Public Affairs Department, NERC, Usman Abba Arabi said AEDC attempted to exonerate itself claiming “its Fault Log Book showed no report was lodged.”

NERC said its investigations revealed that “there was evidence that the staff of the DISCO had worked on the faulty line  and cannot afterwards claim ignorance of the state of the facility.”

The Commission said it has given a directive for the company to “immediately begin renewal process of its comprehensive insurance policy; systematic and complete reconstruction of distribution network in Kabusa area; intensify consumer awareness campaign; carry out safety enlightenment campaign and provide contacts for its customers to report faults.”




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