Planned bundling of 29,000 Nigerians back to the country, lessons to be learnt

The Nigerian government is yet to respond to the UK  government’s decision to bundle 29,000 illegal Nigerians living in the UK  back to their country.

This plan started with the clamping down of care workers   who had made a living caring for the country’s vulnerable and aged; some where even recognized for excellence through dedication and passion for their work.

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron had earlier warned that his government would crack down on illegal workers living in the UK; however, a report published by the country’s national daily Guardian newspaper suggests that report emerged that Border officials target specific nationalities for deportation.

Rumours was rife that about 500 Nigerians had been deported and due process not observed by the British government, this prompted the British High Commissioner to Nigeria Paul Arkwright to refute the claim in an interview granted the Nigerian guardian and also published a press release

it has been disappointing to read, in a few isolated incidents, inaccurate media reporting of the UK’s policy concerning how we return Nigerians back to their home country when they have been present illegally in the UK.

The Nigerian government now has the task to try and make meaning of the statement made by the UK government – to start with, questions such as how can Nigeria be made home to Nigerians; a country blessed with human and natural resources be made more attractive to her citizens.

This piece is to keep the issue in the front burner, reactions are welcomed.

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